Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An emotional palm

I am very intrested in having my palm read. I've been to a few psychics and palm readers, all of them have tried to sell me stuff in the end like, aura cleansing, etc. Its nice to have someone do it because its an intrest. I would appreciate you giving me any insight you can! My life line concerns me. And I wonder if I will ever truly find someone and have children (by the way Im 26). I sent you my left hand (even though Im right handed) Ive always heard that in women the left hand is more emotional and can tell you more? Thank you sincerely!-- Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay its not the end.

I see how your life lines concerns you. There are so many obstacles in your way, but I do see a sister line so you have a support system to get you through the many rough times. You are a humanitarian and care for many people like they are your own children. From the upper line on your wrist, it seems you may be unable to have children or it will be very difficult. Does the line on your right wrist dip into your palm the same way? Your head line dips down in an imaginative slope. Your heart lines has many tails dipping down symbolizing heart ache/break. It seems you let your imagination get the best of you and tend to think the worst. I see two lover lines but this is your left hand so they are most likely previous loves. They are strong, you love hard.

Erin's palm

Hello, My name is Errin. I came across your site from searching palmistry sites on google.com and I would like to know if you are able to read my palm. I know very little about palmistry, but it's the basics I already know. The lines I am most worried about are my fate, life, and my "rascettes". I want to be successful in life, give birth, and to always be with my love, my husband. I hope you can read my palm and shed some insightful info. I have only scanned my right hand because it is the hand I write with. Please let me know if you need more info.
Thanks in advance,

I see from your wrist that child birth will be hard but I also see that you will have two children. Your marriage looks strong but your heart will be broken a few times, its in your sensitive nature. Your fate line is deep meaning you are very motivated but it branches in many directions so you will change careers in diverse ways but you will work hard in every direction. I don't see a strong line of success, if you would focus your attention it would be very helpful to you. I see you have a great imagination, maybe it gets the best of you too often.

Double Head line

I get so many e-mails, and I am always too busy to answer. This is a great one:
Hey there,
My name's Dinika and Im 18 years old..and I know palmistry is popular only when people undergo trauma and have looking for hopes from the lines.But I just want to know for educational reasons:)
Anyway, so you must be good at like cheiro ! :D
And oh I already know I have got a double head line..please do tell me what are the different type of double head lines..(actually im only interested in double head lines lol)
and..does it mean that I would have 2 differnet carriers at the same time? and something old cheiro said.
The great palmist Cheiro had a double Head line. “A double Line of Head is very rarely found,” he wrote, “but when found it is a sure sign of brain power and mentality.” Cheiro, in an interesting self-reflection, then enumerated some of the ambivalent qualities of the double Head lines: “Such people have a perfectly double nature–one side sensitive and gentle, the other confident, cold, and cruel. They have enormous versatility, great command of language, a peculiar power for playing and toying with human nature, and generally great will and determination

Is it true..in case of my hand? and I guess im an intro since my fingers are short ?

Please do tell also about the romance,carrier part too...hope I didnt take too much of your time!!



A double head line is excellent to possess. It seems you already know that but my guess is that you will be very successful. I would like to see your palm to be able to tell you more.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some feedback from Kerri's reading

I just wanted to share this letter from Kerri.

Hi Amy,

I thought I would give you a little more insight I work now at a car dealership selling cars. I use to own a restaurant in a small town I ran my own business and did my own thing for many years I since got divorced and have spent more time to my self getting to know who I really am I am sure you understand what I am saying. I have fell in love with a wonderful man and plan to marry him soon. I am considering a change of job due to the fact that I would like more money and better things in life.Let me know what you think talk to you soon.God bless Kerri

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kerri's palms, a secure future

These are the palms of a right handed, 34 year old woman named Kerri. I have never met her and know nothing about her besides she is on a quest to find the world's best palm reader. I have never claimed to be the best but I'm very interested to see how I rank.
I'll start with the shape of her hands. Her fingertips are all very rounded, this means she is creative and has terrific insight and a sense of inner knowledge. She is more of a free spirit. Her fingers are rather short compared to the size of her palm, indicating an introverted personality. There seems to be a larger space between her Mercury finger and Apollo finger which shows that she likes to act independently possible running her own business. Her fingers are all relatively straight, which is a great thing, it means she has no huge hang up or personality flaws that create obstacles in her life. Her thumb is held moderately open from her palm this indicates she cautious when new opportunities are presented to her. I am only seeing this in a scanned image but I think this is true since her fingers are short.
Now, I'll note the differences between her (tendencies) left hand and her (present/future) right hand. On her left hand, Her heart line reaches up towards Apollo, meaning love is one of the most important aspects of her life. She is willing to make herself vulnerable and allows herself to get hurt to experience love to its fullest. I noted only one significant love from her past. Her head line begins intertwined with her life line, indicating again a shy disposition. The head line slopes
sharply and ends under Apollo. This slopes means she is creative and has many interests. There is a wide space between her heart and head line, showing that she is open minded.
Her life line has a wide arch, indicating she is interested in travel, this is also reflected on the outer edge of her palm. There are about five deep long travel lines. Perhaps she has had five major travels in the past. One is rather long, it is possible she has left the country in the past 5-10 years. Her life line is crossed by many lines of influence. These are mostly many important people in her life.
Her fate line is very deep, indicating she is very serious and motivated when it comes to her work. The fate line ends under her Mercury finger, suggesting that her career would be well suited to deal with communication. This confuses me a bit since there are many factors in her palm indicating that she is shy and introverted but it also seems she is open minded enough to overcome that.
The bracelets on her wrist are well formed, so she should have no problems conceiving children.
On her right hand, not much has changed. She has remained very true to herself through out her life. There is a new line indicating a new lover, so she has now had two important loves in her life or will soon be finding a new love. I also see three more major trips but none of them seem to involve travel outside of the country. She also has an Apollo line on her right hand. This is a deep Apollo line, which is impressive because it indicates great success and happiness. Her fate line has also shifted on this hand, she still has one that points to Mercury (indicating a career based on communication) but she has another one pointing up towards Saturn. This means she has or will find a job that offers great security and provides for retirement.
I have also noticed a line on the the bottom left of her palm crossing the mount of Luna, that indicates she may have allergies or certain food sensitivities.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A death on the palm

A few years ago, I was reading palms at work. The fate line, on the one man's palm, had a break and a new clear begining. I found the spot of present time, according to his age on his palm, then calculated how far until that change. I estimated that in 3-5 years he would no longer be doing what he was doing. Knowing his history and lifestyle, I figured he'd be in prison. Yesterday, I was informed that he died on Saturday. That was about 4 years since I did his reading. I really can't remember what his heart line looked like or his life line, but he died of a heart attack. He's the first person, whose hand I have held, that I have known died. So that's really sad.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Desiree's hands

These are Desiree's hands. She is right handed and 30 years old. She spent a summer living with me many years ago, so I knew her more as a teenager than an adult. I am living in the mountains now and didn't bring any of my palmistry books, I tried to research some of my questions on line then figured I'll just trust my own knowledge. When I get home, I'll fact check.
I'll start with her left hand which is her past and her tendencies. All of her fingers are very straight which means the energies of each finger can flow freely which of course is a very positive foundation to begin with.
She does have a Girdle of Venus which means she takes pleasure in life, food and sex. This is a tricky tendency to have because it can lead to excess in life such as overeating , overspending and lusty behaviors.
Her her heart line reaches up towards Jupiter meaning love is very important to her but then it touches down on her head line showing she can balance her emotions well with rational thought. There is a good space between her head line and heart line indicating she is open minded. The head line and life line are joined at the beginning showing that she can be shy. Her head line has a gentle slope that ends under Mercury, this shows she has imagination and a strong mind.
Her Life line has a sister line which means when times are tough she has a good support system to help her through. The life line stays very close to her thumb indicating that she isn't very concerned with world travel or open to many different opportunities. This is also reflected in her fate line which is very short and almost non existent. A short fate line like this indicates little motivation or drive. Many of these things have changed for her future.
When I looked at her right hand (present and future) I noticed her Saturn and Apollo finger were very close together with Saturn leaning slightly over Apollo. (Assuming she has never seriously injured these fingers) This indicates that a poor mood often hinders her success and creativity. On this hand, her girdle of Venus is much less prominent, showing that she has mastered her self control and doesn't let the lust for life lead her to to many excesses.
Her heart line is more upturned in the future with a tasseled end meaning she becomes less cerebral with love and also less focused but it still remains a very positive and important aspect of her life. I couldn't make out the marriage line in her palm print because they are on the outermost part of the palm under the pinkie but I saw she has the possibility for 3 dependants. Usually, I would say these are children but the uppermost bracelet on her wrist say she will have problems with infertility so these dependant lines could be other loved ones she cares for as one would love a child. Her head line still has that slight curve meaning she will maintain a strong creative mind but it also forks at the end and connects to her life line. A fork usually indicates a good balance between thought and imagination and a talent for writing. I'm not exactly sure what it means when it connects to the life line. Over her head line, are a series of X's which indicate this is a good time in her life to make investments, and judging from her fate line, the best investments will have something to do with her family.
Her fate line is slightly stronger now, meaning she has more ambition now. This fate line goes in a direction that I have never seen before, usually they head up the palm towards Saturn or Apollo but her veers off and end on her life line. To me, this means her motivation is her family and she would feel the most accomplished just knowing that her family is happy and living well. Her life line still has the sister line to help her through the rough hard times.
This time, hre life line covers more of the palm indicating she is more interested in the world and more open to its possibilities.